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Vicus Capital offers a highly skilled network of advisors, so you can find like-minded advisors to ensure your succession plan and a smooth transition for your clients.  Time can fly while building strong and fruitful relationships with your clients, and it is difficult to find time to navigate the finer details of a succession plan.  Vicus Capital has proven experience in assisting advisors find the next chapter of their story with a focus on minimizing confusion and inconvenience for your clients.

Customized Support Structure

Your business is unique, which means your support will be too

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Advisor Relations

The Advisor Relations team can help you strategize how to efficiently map your accounts to your successor with minimal impact on your clients.  In conjuncture with the Marketing team, they will assist with best practices for communicating with your clients about the transfer.

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Business Development

Our Business Development team will guide you through the succession process, ensuring a smooth transfer that is beneficial to both parties.  They will also work in tandem with the Compliance team to coordinate timelines and paperwork to make the succession transfer complete.

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The Vicus Capital Compliance team will assist with reviewing the legal documents associated with transferring a business, and any contracts between the predecessor and successor regarding the succession plan.  The team will also guide you through the paperwork submission process and can assist in arbitrating any outstanding or complex aspects of the deal.

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Finance & Human Resources

Our Finance and Human Resources teams are equipped to assist with all transactions associated with moving assets between the outgoing advisor and their successor, as well as any costs associated with closing accounts and final payouts to the advisor and their staff.

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In tandem with the Advisor Relations team, the Marketing team will assist with generating communications surrounding the transfer to ensure clients are both aware of the change and comfortable throughout the process.  Through thoughtful messaging, the transition will be smooth and seamless.

See how our purpose-built, customized support structure encompassing cross departmental collaboration can deliver the unique experience you desire.
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Retirement Plans

Whether qualified retirement plans are a critical component of your business and clientele or if you are just discovering the power retirement plans can provide to your business model, Vicus Capital can support your efforts in this unique space.  From in-house 3(21) and 3(38) fiduciary investment management to a curated platform of recordkeeping and administration partners, our specialized offering is designed to accommodate a variety of approaches to meet your needs.

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Financial Planning

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Advisor Relations

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Business Development

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IT & Cybersecurity

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Investment Management and Research

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