Investment Platform

We understand the true meaning of a successful partnership. While we offer a platform of investment solutions developed to help meet the needs of most investors, including custom portfolio solutions, we listen to your needs and adapt our solutions when appropriate. Our independence creates an opportunity for you to work with an agile firm committed to strengthening relationships by addressing unique investment objectives.

Our investment platform offers the flexibility to adapt to your business model and serves as a complement to support you in delivering your value proposition to your clients.  Our platform is built for you:  Whether you focus on managing client relationships and are looking to Vicus Capital to provide professional portfolio construction and management or whether you require an open architecture platform that allows you the opportunity to serve as both the relationship and portfolio manager. 

Our managed account solutions include a diverse lineup of investment management strategies for integration with your unique approach to wealth planning.  The platform offers the ability to address your clients’ specific goals, align portfolios with risk, target different investment vehicles, and make adjustments over time as needs change.