Active Income Strategy

A Continuous Track for Targeted Income

A Continuous Track for Targeted Income

The Active Income Strategy is a uniquely diversified, actively-managed solution specifically designed to continuously generate a targeted level of income while simultaneously managing the portfolio's total risk. The goals and objectives of this strategy focus on the collective factors most often required by income investors, including:

  • Cost effectiveness;
  • Liquidity without penalty;
  • Consistency of the income stream;
  • A change in the level of portfolio risk; and
  • Principal growth potential.

As a single strategy focusing on a collection of investor success factors, the Active Income Strategy allows for:

  • Ease of planning for both current and future expenses;
  • A decreased probability of needing to dip into principal to meet income requirements;
  • The potential for a smoother ride across various market conditions; and
  • The possibility to accumulate assets over time to pass along to future generations.

There are two available portfolios with specific, targeted levels of income. The Active Income Strategy is designed to integrate with your plan and provide the continuous stream of income for you to enjoy the things that matter most to you in life.

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